The School has three science laboratories built in the memory of Late Sh. Manohar Lal Chopra. We are proud to have well-equipped and large enough labs, to accommodate the groups of students who are to enhance their knowledge in the respective subjects through practicals. Experiments here are an exciting and rewarding experience. We prepare our students as practical science scholars. Every sort of new technique and ultra-modern equipment is always at the disposal of learners. Spacious and up-date. Science Labs are ready for senior as well as junior students. Working projects are thought of by teachers and students give practical shape to the valuable thoughts of their teachers.
Home Science is not only a subject of studies but is the basic need of every girl. To enable  girls to be perfect in every sphere, Home-Science Labs play a vital role. On the pattern of highly  technical vocational education, the school has designed a spacious, airy and modern Home-Science Lab having all the facilities as well as ultra-modern devices. Girl students learn to have maximum utilisation of electronic devices like micro-wave, refrigerator and dish washer etc. They learn how to maintain neat and clean healthy atmosphere in the kitchen. There is no doubt that our lab is pollution-free due to the best set of electronic chimneys. Every effort is made to maintain its decorum. Of course cooking is a natural activity for girls but preparing different recipes, serving in the best and gracious style is to be learnt. We have an experienced & qualified Home-Science Teacher to impart training to the students in cooking, serving and preserving. Not only Punjabi dishes but they are also taught to prepare Gujrati, Bengali and South Indian delicacies. Specialisation in toy-making, embroidery and fibre-painting is our priority.
LIBRARY (Browsers Paradise)
The school library named after Master Hari Ram Ji Chopra is well-equipped and enriched with books on various subjects, Magazines, periodicals and newspapers in English, Hindi and Punjabi. English version of four Vedas in 22 volumes has been added to the library. With the help of  a qualified and well experienced librarian, learning and reading process go at its best. Library Incharge is ever-ready to help the students with reference books required for better notes. Books are issued to the needy and deserving students. The library is also open for public after the school hours and the members can borrow books for a specific period.
 Newly constructed, well-equipped & Well-ventilated modern hygenic canteen is the source of attraction for students, where only standard eatables e.g. Punjabi, Chinese, Italian, Mexican delicasies are provided at reasonable rates.
A new heavy duty, noiseless Electric Generator has been installed. Desert Coolers and electric water-coolers with automatic water purifiers are provided for the comfort of the students and staff. The school has its own water supply system. Two qualified electricians are incharge of the above facilities.
 Teaching aids are extensively used to enhance the knowledge base of the students at a faster rate. Printed material is supplemented with audio/video cassetts. A large colour television and a VCR  is available in the school for making the teaching more effective and interesting, especially for the small kids learning at Pre-Nursery and Nursery level. They daily visit the particular room made for their entertainment. Students are updated with the latest information.
Purpose built, highly sophisticated computer lab. (Audio-Visual Theatre) has given a new meaning to the school. In this computer age our young ones are given a head-start right from standard 1st to 10+2. With the help of DVDs, CDs, audio cassettes and also an overhead projector, all the three branches of science are taught technically. Mathematics DVDs are projected to nourish young minds to be future Arya Bhattas or Pythagoras.
School has its own Band. The Band is played in routine on school functions, on various occasions particularly, Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations. Special training by a renowned Band-Master has enabled the students to be selected best in every show.
School has its own transport arrangements to facilitate the students coming from far away villages and distant places in the city itself. School Buses and Rikshaws own the responsibility to carry students in time.
The school is indeed a temple of -learning where etiquette and courtesies are not imposed but are made to rise from within. We believe to discipline our students in thought and action. Respect  is commanded from the students for their teachers and seniors. Golden rules inscribed on Boards are put in every class-room and on conspicuou  places in the school campus to inculcate social and moral values.