Code of Conduct


 Students are advised to take up discipline not as an irksome burden but as a joyous pursuit for their own betterment.The students are expected:

1.To observe perfect silence in class-room and library.

2.To keep the class-room and premises of the school neat and clean.

3.To respect and protect School property.

4.To read notice board daily.

5.To come in neat and clean school uniform.

6.To be courteous and polite with teachers and class mates.

7.To move from one class-room to another in a queue.

8.To make the payment of fees in time.

9.To be regular and punctual and if it is must to avail leave, send application beforehand, counter-signed by parents.

10.Not to leave the school in between without permission of school authorities.

11.To carry the Identity Card at all times while being at school.