Registration for different classes starts from 1st January, 2013. Regular studies start from che 1st :leek of April, 2013. Application for admission on prescribed form, obtained from the school office on nyment, duly filled in, must be submitted for the final approval of the Principal.

1. Admission shall be on merit, based on the result of test-cum-interview.
2. Applicant must attach Date of Birth certificate.
3. He/She must bring the school leaving certificate and report card/the detail marks sheet from the previous school.
4. Admission to Pre-nursery will be based on interview of the child.
5. Age of the students for pre-nursery should be 2 as on 1st January, 2013

The name of a student can be struck off due to the following reasons:
1.Not observing the rules and regulations of the school.
2.Being absent continuously for six days without written application, duly signed by parents and sanctioned by the Principal.
3.Attending less than 75% of lectures delivered in each subject and practicals held.

The students are expected:
1. To observe perfect silence in class-room and library.
2. To keep the class-room and premises of the school neat and clean.
3. To respect and protect School property.
4. To read notice board daily.
5. To come in neat and clean school uniform.
6. To be courteous and polite with teachers and class-mates.
7. To move from one class-room to another in a queue.
8. To make the payment of fees in time.
9. To be regular and punctual and if it is must to avail leave, send application beforehand, counter-signed by parents.
10. Not to leave the school in-between without permission of school authorities.
11. To carry the Identity Card at all times while being at school.