The parents are the first teachers and the teachers are the second parents.............

To realise the vision of the school, it is expected from the parents that:

1.They should go through their child's dairy daily to check if there is any message for them and countersign it.

2.Criticism of a teacher before a student should be seriously avoided because it makes the students lose their respect for the teacher.If you have the legitimate complaint, see the Principal for an appropriate solution instead of criticising the teacher.

3.They must attend the Parents-Teachers meet every month.

4.They should keep a check on their wards by ensuring that their wards are regular & punctual.They should assist their ward in completion of the home task assigned.

5.They should see that their wards return home on time and any case of irregularity must be reported immediately to the school office.

6.Please don't send your child to school when he/she is havung infectious disease.

7.Notification of change in the residential/office address/telephone numbers should be communicated immediately.