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Arya Model Sr. Sec School is one of the leading schools of Phagwara housed in a beautiful palatial building with unique architecture designs and patterns of the past era. The school has a rich culture, traditions, ethos, values and proven commitment to excellence in education. Education has for its object the formation of character.

                            Setting unprecedented goals, building traditions and seeking new landmarks, the school has carved for itself a name synonymous with academic excellence and a well balanced education. From small beginning, Arya Model Sr. Sec School has morphed into a premier institute of co-educational learning centre in India. 

                             The radiant flame of diligence and unfaltering endeavours of the Aryans keep on burning to spread the everlasting light of knowledge.Many things are to be redesigned and rebuilt.Have initiative and determination to do something worth doing.Rest assured that school faculty is capable enough to give shape to innovative ideas and help you to explore new vistas of learning.

                             Change is seldom linear and constrained.Radical change is possible only when aspiration and action are locked into a synergistic embrace.We are committed to the continuous growth of our school.So healthy environment,outstanding teaching,vibrant motivation and all-round development of students is our single most focus.